Emotion-packed poetry

O P Sharma
Name of Book : Shahar Hoon Tumhara
(Poetry in Hindi)
Author : Suman Pal
Publisher : Sahitya Kalash Publications, Patiala
Year : 2019
Pages : 112
Price : Rs 200

This 112-page emotion-packed maiden poetic composition book by Suman Pali, a well known broadcaster from the Jammu and Kashmir has created a stir in the literary circles and evoked a positive response among the readers. The poet has penned it on variety of subjects, themes and also matters connected with our City of Temples which is also her native place. This poetry has, in fact, ignited new ideas and imagination about the winter capital of J&K which she reminded through her verses ; where once lion and goat drank water from a stream presenting a glowing example of co-existence, compassion and harmony.
In one of her poemj she has fondly made a reference to it and sketched the changing scenario with of feelings of love, declining moral values but the basic tenets are still in place, one hopes !
Her simple but stylish language at once strikes every mind with instant flow of admiration for the message conveyed wining the heart and mind of readership Ms Pal, the daughter of the soil , has rendered over three-decades service at senior level in the All India Radio both at Jammu as well outside the State and superannuated from Radio Station, Rohtak in the year 2013. She has acquired intimate knowledge and effective skill in communication. Being highly qualified and being of sensitive nature and having flair for expression, she gave poetic expression to her rich experience of life. She has the distinction of having qualified MA ( Hindi), B Ed and passed Shiromai in Dogri language. She penned poetry in Hindi and carved out a niche for her poetic compositions. Due to her vast exposure and experience of life and maturity of thought her expression of ideas is admirable.
The Foreword of this book has been written by Padam Shri Jatendra Udhampuri, a renowned broadcaster and a literary figure, who has a put a good word for Suman Pal’s poetry compositions. The book containing 54 Hindi poems was released at a well-attended and impressive function at Jammu recently.
A specimen of her poetry follows:
Mai shahar hoon tumhara
Tum se milne ko tarasta hu
Sher-Bakri paani pete the jahha
Mai us pyar ko tarasta hu
( The city ( Jammu) where lion and goat together drank water from a stream with compassion, now here I feel thirsty for “love” , may be due to passage of time! )
Go through another composition:
Bach ke Kahah Ab Jaho Ge tum
Gharoh me bhi Aie Siyasat
Jab Chaho Kharid Loo Saste Me Eshe
Khulah Aam Bik Rahi Hai Siaysat
( Politics has forced its entry everywhere and it has impacted almost every aspect of life. It has even entered our homes too .)
The book by Suman Pal is worth reading for education, enlightenment and entertainment. All the Hindi-knowing people should read and keep it in their library as a prize possession. Pal is yet to give us more and it is expected that she will shortly give readers a collection of crisp short stories.