Elixir of Life

Col Paramjit Singh
Hello all. We all aspire to live and lead a good life, elixir life (lovely , lively and healthy life) and by all means yes , a good way of life, a way forward .
Fine . That’s a very good idea and we all should move forward and embark on this path definitely and walk on. But , we all together must do good and preach and teach good. We all have to follow certain unwritten rules and regulations and guidelines, call it commandments a way forward to elixir of life . We all together have to move forward in one direction without cribbing or criticising to make society a better living place for all ,which is possible and not impossible and remember better is always possible. So why further delay. Let us all follow the following commandments of life:-
Good Family
Good family, good set of friends and good social connect and healthy relations with all will act as super tonic, good for general good health. All above put together will work proficiently and provide tip-top health. What else one would need. But one must invest to reap benefits. A good idea we must implement without any delay
To rise look up and aim high
Dissect not hows and whys . These are negative emotions or indicators . Talk of DOS and talk not of don’ts. Try to achieve, but, one got to believe first. And definitely one will achieve what one belives. Look down for living a comforted and satisfied life , a vicks 44 formula to give you immediate relief from unsatisfied headaches to live within own means . That is to accept what one is destined.
Appreciate others achievements
This is a good positive quality by the way to encourage others to do further well and excel. Appreciating others will act as a booster dose for them to do more better further and will provide a lot solace to those who appreciated. Both parties will benefit. Appreciating and acting as encourager is a very good quality, which most of us lack due to whatever reason, am hesitant to pen down, since you know all. Just do self introspection.Those who appreciate they know they will grow from such an attitude and one day for sure they will achieve much more.
Convert impossibilities into opportunities.
Say thumping your chest that you will make it happen ( a determined and courageous approach) and not let it happen (an unfocussed and defeated attitude). And what you believe follow it up and must achieve and always believe everything is possible provided one makes it happen. Better is always on forefront if we put our best foot forward.
Shun Smoking
Smoking and drinking are vices, responsible for ruining good health of many individuals . Refrain from both the vices and do convince others too, to renunciate. Choice is personal on the subject. Ours is a friendly and well thought of constructive and well tested suggestion though . Chain smoking directly attacks lungs and heavy drinking attacks liver.
Do Good
Do good to others always and every time wherever and whenever possible, in whatever little or bigger way one can. Such an attitude will create and generate happiness enzymes, good for health. What else you need.
Provide pro bono services. That is really the pleasurable way to achieve happiness and spread goodwill around and become a useful member of the society. That is each one teach one concept. Be non greedy to the hilt. Just requires a little effort to control greed. Limit your needs and remain well within your means. And be honest and have self respect.
Command and do not demand respect. Go out of the way to teach and preach. How to live a simple and dignified life. Doing for self is a ritual practice and doing for others is a selfless service , few can only do and only few could do. This is only counted in the dossier of god. Better is always possible but little effort is mandatory.
Be a part of solution
Be a part of solution, never be a part of the problem. Help build the nation and people around. A good society will emerge which will be a great boon. Never one could achieve by a sudden flight, was possible through a protracted struggle. Do have a society inhabited by all good human human beings. Achieve and multiply happiness. Let us all take a pledge to change each other by all possible means and apply which works.
Bonhomie with positivity
All who have come on mother earth will leave and go one day for sure. So what? Follow above ten commandments of life as a way of life and keep surging ahead without any rebuttals. Live , enjoy and live king size life. Be a part of positive change. Change yourself and others too, for better future tomorrow and of course a good society around than yesterday and when time comes for you to leave , leave without any regrets. A good society in anticipation you leave behind. Hip hip hurray. Those who sneer and scoff at the basic idea of making society a great society through our contributions are mistaken. We all are warp and woof of social pattern. And we all will make it happen, a great society and worth living.