Election of President of India

I understand the search for a new President of India is going on and media has started guessing names for the most important position of the country. One name which comes to my mind is that of E Sreedharan, the Metro man of the country. BJP brought APJ Abdul Kalam which was a great initiative. He brought with him great respect and glory to the office of the President.
E Sreedharans contribution’s to the infrastructure development of the country is great. He is credited with changing the face of public transport in India with his leadership in building the Konkan Railway and the Delhi Metro.
All the Metro projects got competed ahead of time and without any hindrance to the regular traffic. The procedures setup by him have changed the concept of the metro projects and today all over the country Metro projects are being taken up and completed on time. No other person has made so much difference in the execution of the infrastructure projects in the country. Remember how much negative impression of metro projects was created by the Kolkata metro project which took more than 10 years to complete and created havoc for the traffic during construction.
I do understand age is not in his favour, but even at this age he will be able to make a big difference and the country will be immensely benefited by his vast experience.
However if age is not in his favour, then great personalities like Ratan Tata or Narayan Murthy of Infosys can be considered who are highly respected, have vast experience and can contribute immensely to the glory and prestige of this great position.
Sham Lal Langer