70 glorious years of India-Japan ties

To commemorate the 70 momentous years of diplomatic ties between India and Japan, Japan vows to invest $ 42 billions in india in the forthcoming 5 years. Since 2014, India-Japan relations are on rising horizon, they have never seen a downturn and both the countries have stood with each other thick and thin. Let’s not forget the valuable point here that it’s only governmental investment, apart from this, Japanese companies are going to pour more money in India in the form of investment, like Japanese conglomerate Suzuki is to invest $1.4 billion for EVs.
It’s a biggest ever commitment from Japanese till this date, this bears testimony to fact to growing bonhomie between India and Japan. Japan is one of the two countries with which, India holds bilateral summit annually, another one is Russia. Japan plays a crucial role in India’s development as Japan have given ultra-soft loans to India for infrastructural development. This is PM Kishida’s maiden foreign trip after becoming PM. The two sides also signed pacts in 6 areas- Cybersecurity, Economic Partnership, Waste-Water management, Urban devlopment, a clean energy pact and a pact on promoting bamboo-based products from Northeast India. The “2+2” meeting of both countries Foreign and Defence Ministers were also discussed to strengthen ties.
Rahul Chouhan