Edu tops list with 14336, H&ME 2nd with 8837 55,064 posts vacant in 28 Govt Deptts

By Gopal Sharma
JAMMU, Apr 5: Despite the availability of manpower of over five lakh educated unemployed youth in the State, more than 55,064 posts of Gazetted, Non-gazetted and Class-IV cadre are lying vacant in twenty-eight (28) Government departments. Out of the total posts available at present, 37390 are of Non-gazetted cadre, 6107 of Gazetted rank while over 11568 of Class–IV.
The State Education department tops the list of available vacancies with total 14,336 posts, followed by Health and Medical Education department where number of vacancies at present is 8,837. In School Education department only, out of the total 14336, 1853 posts available are of  Gazetted cadre, 11051 Non-gazetted including majority of them of  teachers whereas, 1432 of Class-IV cadre.  In Higher Education the total number of posts available are 1393, out of which 736 are of Gazetted cadre, 657 non-Gazetted while 590 are Class-IV.
Official sources disclosed that in Health and Medical Education department, out of the total 8837 posts falling vacant, 1494 are of Gazetted rank, 5532 Non-gazetted whereas and 1761 vacancies of Class-IV cadre. Under Home department, 6413 posts are lying vacant and out of the total available vacancies, 6080 posts are of  Non-gazetted cadre. In Forest department over 2840 posts of Non-Gazetted cadre, 118 of Gazetted rank and nearly  200 of  Class-IV rank are lying vacant. Over 1500 posts of the same department are said to be referred to the recruiting agencies like SSRB and PSC.
In Power Development Department (PDD) also a large number 4090 posts are falling vacant. They included 1807 posts of Non-gazetted cadre, 160 Gazetted while 2123 of Class-IV employees.  In Public Health Engineering (PHE) department the number of posts available are 3230, of which 1482 posts are of Non-Gazetted cadre, 155 Gazetted while over 1593 of Class-IV cadre.
In Finance department, the total number of posts available are 2104, out of which 1804 are of Non-Gazetted cadre, 40 of Gazetted cadre whereas, 260 vacancies of Class-IV workers.  In Technical education the number of  Non-gazetted posts lying vacant are 1213, Gazetted 601 while those of class IV workers are 301.
In State Information department also the picture is grim. Out of the total 277 posts lying vacant, 198 posts are of Non-gazetted cadre, whereas, 37 posts are of  Class-IV cadre. In Industries and Commerce department the total number of vacant posts available are 1542, out of which 1145 are of Non-gazetted cadre and 227 of Gazetted rank. In Cooperative department 129 posts of Gazetted, 217 Non-Gazetted and 117 of  Class-IV cadre are falling vacant whereas, in GAD the number of Gazetted posts available are 65, Non-gazetted 190 and  42 of Class-IV cadre. In Estates, 207 posts of Class-IV, 64 of Non-Gazetted and one of Gazetted cadre are available.
Similarly, in Department of CAPD the total number of available posts are  963. Out of the total  363 posts are of Non-gazetted cadre, 25 Gazetted while 575 are of Class-IV cadre. Against many posts of  Non-Gazetted cadre, a large number of Class-IV workers are performing duty in CAPD to run the affairs.
In Department of Culture total  197 posts were presently lying vacant, in Science and  Technology   the number is 144, in Social Welfare department 87,  Revenue 448, in Housing and Urban Development 72,   Law and Parliamentary  Affairs  37  including 27 Gazetted cadre,  in R&B 173 of  Class-IV, Hospitality and Protocol 95, Civil Aviation 17,  Transport Deptt 387 including 308 Non-Gazetted,  ARI & Trainings 111 while in Department of  Elections 103. No post has been shown available in RDD, Printing and Stationery and Animal & Sheep Husbandry departments. Besides these, many posts were also vacant in sixteen PSUs, the sources added.


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