e-stamping system in J&K

It is commendable step taken by the UT Government in setting up a separate department of stamps headed by a Commissioner as also creating Central Record Keeping Agency. The move was going to lend element of transparency in financial transactions backed by relevant rules to promote e-stamping system which was a secured way of paying non -judicial stamp duty which would come into force with immediate effect. Under the revised system, stamp duty is to be paid through an electronically generated impression. Information technology, as such, is being gradually introduced into the administrative system for producing comparative better results in terms of accuracy, transparency, speed and record maintaining.
As for the most important part of record maintaining, appointment of Central Record Keeping Agency is aimed at fully computerization of stamp duty administration system and maintenance thereof in a scientific and transparent form. All the particulars and the details about electronic stamping system and allied issues are enumerated in the Jammu and Kashmir Stamps (Payment of Duty by means of e-Stamping) Rules 2020 . The time consuming and often cumbersome way of physical stamp paper and franking thus stands replaced by e-stamping system, entirely a computer based application.