e-Governance Conference

Instead of many firsts, Jammu and Kashmir has in fact many lasts to its credit. Nowhere in India, in this Digital Age, movement of whole Civil Secretariat was being done year after year, for many decades. One can understand earlier issues without information technology availability but in this age even to think on these terms is an irresponsible wastage of resources. Come August 2019 Article 370 abrogated and agenda of Digital India started flourishing in Jammu and Kashmir also. LG administration is making sure within few years there will be no need to walk to Government offices even for tedious works, go online is the new mantra of Jammu and Kashmir. Holding e-Governance Conference is another milestone achieved by SMVDU and MoUs will immensely help students, UT and administration, a win-win situation for all. Haryana is one of the pioneer states in using IT in e-Governance and the mutual interaction with Haryana will definitely boost our endeavor to provide world class services to every person of UT. It is heartening to see Jammu and Kashmir clocking 550/min e-transactions. GoI and LG administration are making every effort to provide IT infra at remotest possible nook and corner of UT. Naya Jammu Kashmir is not merely slogan but reality now. More than 500 services will be made online, using AI in agriculture or Direct Money Transactions, Jammu and Kashmir is leading from front in many areas. Corruption, nepotism and favoritism are things of past, e-tendering is a must and so is biometric attendance, online employees portal and no salary without registration is the new norm of Digital Jammu and Kashmir. GI tag and subsequent marketing through e-portals is the new benchmark of Jammu and Kashmir. Who could have thought of selling Kashmiri apple, saffron, shawls or other items to UAE and other inaccessible markets few years back, but it has been made possible now. Efforts are on, innovation is the key strategy and intensity with focus are required to make dreams reality. Jammu and Kashmir is on right path, no doubt.