Get Govt accommodation of all ex-ministers, MLAs vacated: Sawhney

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Nov 29: Former minister and senior Congress leader Yogesh Sawhney today asserted that the JKUT administration must ask all former ministers, MLAs and MLCs to vacate Government accommodation, irrespective of party, without targeting individuals.
In a press statement, the senior Congress leader said that the BJP should not use it’s power as a weapon against their political opponents by targeting high-profile individuals. All former ministers and members of Legislature, whether they are from BJP, NC, PDP or Congress, should be asked to vacate the Government quarters provided to them during their tenure. There should be no discrimination and targeting while doing this process, Sawhney said.
“It is ironic that while the BJP served eviction notices to many leaders from other parties, many BJP leaders remained safe and were not asked to vacate their Government bungalows. We strongly urge the LG’s administration not to discriminate in these matters and all people, whichever party they belong to, must be asked to give up the Government quarters allotted to them previously on account of their service. BJP leadership should not brazenly use this as an opportunity to carry out their political vendetta, Sawhney asserted.
He condemned the BJP Govt for it’s vindictive actions and targeting individuals. Sawhney said if the Government had carried out this exercise, they must have done on very non-discriminatory and reasonable manner, where all defaulters are issued the order to leave their Government accommodations. He demanded that the Government should ask all former ministers, MLAs and MLCs to vacate Government bungalows and houses and not target some individuals only as the public was watching this all closely.