Dying water bodies

Refer news item ‘Mendhar nallah turns into garbage dumping point’ DE May 11, 2019.
It is quite dismaying that people are turning insensitive towards water bodies in the region. It has been observed that streams or bowlies or ponds which were once used as sources of drinking water are now used as dust bins.
See the plight of famous Ranbir canal which passes through the heart of Jammu city is now used as a dustbin by shopkeepers and the residents. They empty their garbage bins or sweep their waste material directly into the canal.
Same is the fate of holy Devika in Udhampur. Both these water bodies are passing through a difficult phase. In case we do not stop using them as dustbins, the day is not far off when these will cease to exist.
The responsibility does not merely lie with Government agencies or NGOs but with the people who are main beneficiaries of these ‘water bodies’. People shall encounter many problems if these water bodies die.
Ranjeet Singh