Dubey endorses Union Govt’s stand on boycotting Speakers meet in Pak

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Aug 10: State VHP Patron Dr. Ramakant Dubey has fully endorsed the action taken by the Union Government to boycott the participation of Parliamentary speakers meeting in Pakistan to be held w.e.f September 30  to October 8 this year.
Dr Dubey said the stand of Pakistan not to invite Speaker of J&K Assembly is totally against the India and an insult to the people of J&K State who feel proud to be part of the largest democracy of the world. “Ground for denial of invitation to our Speaker is totally baseless since it is world over known that in our State elections are regularly being held in a quite transparent & independent way which of course has never been done in Pakistan  since it came into being” he added.
He said it is the policy of “cattle calling the pot black”. World knows that never since 1947- the birth of Pakistan a political dispensation was allowed to function legitimately & independently for maximum time. Pakistan is ruled by military rulers & whenever, by chance elections were held the so called elected Government was just a show piece, he added.
He said actually Pakistan is ruled by Army, ISI or so many other agencies. Pakistan has adopted a policy of “neither live in peace, nor allow even others to live in peace”. Action of Pakistan has also been condemned by the Chief Minister, he added.
He said comments on this Commonwealth meeting to be held in Pakistan have also started from various countries condemning Pak actions. How this country can interfere in the internal affairs of India of which J&K is an integral part & enjoys full independence like any other State of the country, he added.
Dr. Dubey appreciated the action taken by every right thinking country/individual in opposing the proposed action of Pak.


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