Drone threat

Right now the entire world is battling with the threat of a new kind of weapon .The drone which we invented for our convenience and assistance, is becoming a problem for us. There is no doubt this modern weapon helps us a lot in the battlefield and in many difficult operations. This unmanned aerial vehicle has changed the scenario of battlefield in recent time. With the help of this weapon we have completed many successful air strikes on our enemies and their hideouts. The biggest feature of the drone is that it is not caught by any Radar and does its job accurately and secretly.Because it is operated from a distance, so there is no fear of losing anyone’s life.It is also very small in size,so it is used everywhere without any difficulty. No doubt it’s feature and advantages are many .But it becomes a trouble for us when it is operated by mischievous elements.The recent drone attacks on Jammu Air Station is the testimony of this fact.Even before this,drones have been used by our enemies,but then it was only used for dropping weapons and drug supply.This is the first time that the enemy has done this to harm us directly. It is an open challenge and a threat for us. There is an urgent need to develop such kind of system which can check such lethal weapons.We have to take initiative to take such systems from other advanced countries.We can’t prove that we have won the battle by just taking down a couple of drones.Now this is not a problem for us for a day or two but a long process.Only with the help of antidrone medium weapons, sophisticated radar system and hacking strategies we can get rid of this new threat.
Shyam Sudan