Driving licence for colour blind people

Motor vehicles norms are going to be suitably changed to help people suffering from mild to partial colour blindness in obtaining driving licences. While this decision with its usual limitations is a welcome step, the degree of such blindness obviously should not interfere with the security aspect of driving on public roads especially during nights in the backdrop of the prevailing general culture of using dippers and avoiding flash head lights during night hours nearly missing among the motorists.
In other words, Form 1 and Form 1A shall have to undergo necessary changes in order to facilitate such special category aspirants obtain the licence to drive vehicles. These forms deal with physical fitness and medical certificate aspects and are compulsory papers among others while applying for a driving licence. That due medical advice in this respect has been obtained by the Road Transport and Highway Ministry as also seeking suggestions and comments from various stakeholders lend credence to the innovative step which otherwise is prevalent in most parts of the world.