Dr Jitendra serves defamation notice of Rs one crore to Randhawa

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, May 4: Union Minster, Dr Jitendra Singh has served a legal notice of defamation against the BJP leader and former MLC, Ch Vikram Randhawa demanding withdrawal of wrong, false and defamatory allegations levelled by him against the Minister and for tendering an unconditional apology for the same failing which legal proceedings for criminal defamation and for damages for Rs one crore will be initiated against him.
The legal notice was issued against him by advocates Jeevesh Nagrath and Chandan Dutta on behalf of Dr Jitendra Singh. In the Legal notice it has been mentioned that Vikram Randhawa has made wrong and baseless allegations and imputations against the Minister fully knowing and having reasons to believe that the same will tarnish and harm his (Minister’s) image. He deliberately with malafide and malicious intensions defamed the Minister.
In the notice it was also mentioned that the wrong baseless and false allegations and imputation made by Randhawa against the Minister which has been printed, published and reported in the print media , digital and electronic media, social media etc he wanted to cause harm to the reputation of the Minister knowing that same will hit to his reputation and will have the illegal and malicious effect of lowering his esteem in estimation of others to defame him.
Through the notice Randhawa has been asked to tender and issue an unconditional and unequivocal written apology to the Minister stating there in that all the allegations or any impunity or any insinuation made by him against the Minister in any interview, press conference, publication social media , digital platform etc was without any basis and was not verified and factually correct and that all are withdrawn by you. Further it urged him to issue a statement to all the media and press channels including those who were present in the press conference / interview held by Randhawa on May 3 or any other date and informing them that the allegations and any imputation or insinuation made by him against the Minister in any interview, press conference etc was without any basis and was not verified or factually correct and that all of them are withdrawn. Besides, he (Randhawa) should get his apology published in the news papers and print media having circulation in Jammu and Delhi.