Dr Jitendra asks Cong, NC to clear stand on terror

Union Minister, Dr Jitendra Singh addressing a BJP meeting at Kathua on Sunday. —Excelsior/Pardeep
Union Minister, Dr Jitendra Singh addressing a BJP meeting at Kathua on Sunday. —Excelsior/Pardeep

Avtar Bhat
JAMMU/KATHUA, Dec 30 : Hitting out at Congress and its allies, including National Conference (NC), for their softness towards the terrorists who have eaten the vitals of society over the years, Union Minister in PMO, Dr Jitendra Singh today asked these parties to clear their stand on terrorism.
Interacting with media persons here this morning , Dr Jitendra Singh accused these parties of hindering the Government’s anti-terrorism crusade through their apologetic statements for terrorists and insinuating statements against security forces.
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“The time has come to ask these parties to clear their stand on terrorism and tell the people whether they stand by the side of terrorists and their perpetrators or by the side of security forces whose protection they themselves also enjoy for the safety of their lives”, he said.
Dr Jitendra Singh said, the latest incident wherein a group of youth wearing masks, after Friday prayers, entered Srinagar’s Jamia Masjid and stood on the pulpit waving ISIS flags, is an indicator that the Kashmir-centric leaders, whether from separatist camp or from main-stream, who followed a policy of appeasement towards terrorists and anti-India groups in a bid to maintain their predominance in Kashmir politics, are now finding themselves at the receiving end of terrorist aggression. “Those who ride the tiger of terrorism, end up being consumed by the same tiger”, he cautioned.
“We always said that the fight against terrorism has to be collective but these parties never came out clearly against terrorists and instead tried to score political points over us by being soft towards separatist violence”, he added.
Dr Jitendra Singh made it clear that BJP has never changed its stand on terrorism and anti national elements and it is committed to the policy to chase the terrorists up to finish. But unfortunately the Congress, NC and its allies have no clear cut policy but for appeasing the separatists and terrorists they even target BJP. “Such a stand of the opposition parties is totally unfortunate which is also inimical to national interests”, he added.
He regretted that Kashmir Centric parties are in the race of one upmanship in making apologetic statements for terrorists and some of them even visit terrorist families to express their shock and grief if the terrorist is killed in encounter with security forces and police. This is being done by them for their vote bank polices forgetting that such a stand will prove counter productive to them also, he said.
Dr Jitendra Singh added that the need of hour was that all political parties should have taken a untied stand against terror instead of pointing fingers on Government. “We have never opposed any measure of Government taken to crush terror when in opposition and extended full support to it despite the fact that those in opposition are responsible for terrorism and present mess in Kashmir”, he added.
Dr Jitendra Singh said that the opposition is encouraging the terrorists by their statements and demoralizing the forces. He expressed the hope that new year will usher in peace and prosperity of the State and good sense will prevail among those who have taken up guns to shun violence and join the mainstream for restoration of peace and working for the development of the State and upliftment of the people.
Enumerating a series of development works in the last four and half years in Kathua, Dr Jitendra Singh said, it is a compliment for us that even the opposition leaders are now trying to own up the work done by us as “their” work because they can no longer live in a denial mode when the whole world is a witness to revolutionary transformation in Kathua after 2014.
Dr Jitendra Singh said, time has come to go to the people and ask them to ponder, why all these development works could not happen in 65 years. He referred to Shapur-Kandi and Urj-Multi purpose projects which were revived after 40 years and are going to be completed in next two to three years. He said Rs 160 crore Keeriya-Gadiyal bridge is complete and will be inaugurated soon. It will be a new year’s gift to people of Kathua, he added.
He said besides it scores of developmental projects including bridges roads, parks, colleges including engineering and medical colleges etc are in progress. He said after there completion Kathua will emerge as one of the most prosperous and developed districts of the State.
BJP State vice president, Harinder Gupta, former Minister Rajiv Jasrotia, Party district president, Prem Nath Dogra and Kathua Municipal Committee, Chairman Naresh Sharma also spoke on the occasion.
Several newly elected Sarpanches and Panches also joined BJP on the occasion.