Dr Farooq concerned over lack of facilities to Kashmiri Hajis

SRINAGAR: Expressing concern over lack of facilities to Kashmiri Haj pilgrims in holy cities of Mecca and Madina, former chief Minister Dr Farooq Abdullah on Friday urged Union Minister for minority affairs Mukhtar Abbas to look into the issue.

President of the National Conference (NC) and MP from Srinagar constituency Dr Abdullah expressed dismay over the distressing complaints of the Hajis from Kashmir over the lack of transport facilities including proper accommodation at Mecca and Madina.

While decrying the lack of facilities being given to the pilgrims, he said, “Haji Pilgrims are sending distressing messages to their kin back home about the scantiness of facilities being given to them at Mecca. The Hajis from Kashmir are complaining about the unavailability of transport and other basic facilities.” (AGENCIES)