Double standards

Other day I was sitting in a family get-together. There were only close family members. We were trying to keep distance etc. All of us wear masks whenever we step out, try to maintain social distance and wash our hands without fail after we come back home. Some one raised the point that our PM and our health minister keep telling us that these three mantras are must to avoid the spread of covid 19 and keep warning us , if the public does not observe these three golden rules, the second wave will spread too fast and govt will have to resort to strict lockdown. At our level we are trying to be careful. But what is happening at the Election rallies which Shah, PM himself and Mamta Banerjee and other leaders are addressing in West Bengal, Assam, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.Lakhs of people are jumping over each other without a mask. Who is maintaining the social distance there.
Today on Aaj Tak channel, Holi being played at Ayodhya and Mathura even after two days was being displayed. We could see people hugging and applying colour to each other and falling over each other. I wonder why govt of UP is not putting any restriction on such celebrations, They are restricting 20 guests for marriage but for such celebrations no restriction. What a hypocrisy! Why is the PM not setting an example by avoiding election rallies? Govt had put restrictions on 50 persons of Tablighi Jamaat congregation on in Nizamudin mosque this year but no restriction on holi celebration in Mathura and Ayodhya and of course none on election rallies. These are the biggest spreaders . One Doctor in the panel discussion expressed his frustration on this situation. Why this double standards Mr Modi , Mr Adityanath.?
Sham Lal Langer
Ret. Vice President L&T
Talab Tillo Jammu