DoT organizes seminar on EMF radiation from Telecom towers

DoT officers posing with Director IIT Jammu Prof Manoj Singh after a seminar.
DoT officers posing with Director IIT Jammu Prof Manoj Singh after a seminar.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Mar 8: Department of Telecommunications (DoT) organized a seminar on “Awareness on Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) Radiation from Telecom Towers & Mobile Phones” at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Jammu.
Addressing the seminar, Prof Manoj Singh Gaur, Director IIT Jammu told that Department of Telecommunications, J&K Licensed Service Area (LSA) and IIT Jammu will keep on working together in the field of technology for benefit of the public of this region.
Deputy Director General, DoT, J&K LSA B K Singh mentioned in his speech that many prestigious institutes in world as well as of our country have found in their research that the electromagnetic field (EMF) radiated from mobile towers are not harmful as they are radiated within the set standard values. However, he said, the Department is very sensitive on the issue and the officers of the Department are engaged in monitoring of EMF radiation levels with full sincerity and promptness.
A brief technical presentation was made by DoT Director Vineet Verma. Thereafter, DoT Director G P Singh made an elaborate presentation on global as well as Indian standards. He said that the Indian standards of EMF radiation from mobile towers are ten times more stringent than global standards. He further mentioned that there is a provision of heavy penalty on the company concerned, if radiation level from its tower/base transmission station is found beyond the set values.
Prabhu Dayal Jat from DoT made a detailed presentation on methodologies of measuring the EMF Radiation levels. He further stated that on the Department has put the radiation level and other details of each and every tower in the country and the same is updated regularly. If a person desires to get the radiation level of any tower in his/her area tested, he/she can make online payment on the portal and Department will organize the testing of EMF radiation level of the tower.