Doppler weather radar

Ladakh on a path of development and progress has latest in its kitty a doppler weather radar and thus becoming the fourth such prestigious centre in the country after Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai . Such a facility was recently installed at Leh while another one may be installed at Kargil as the Lt. Governor has asked for the same. It is well known that Ladakh , a cold desert and eco-sensitive area comprises of small valleys where weather forecasts and ”mood” of winds are constantly needed to be known and this installation shall be helping in measuring speed of winds in precipitating regions vis-a-vis Ladakh and enough can be known about rain, snow , hail etc as also locate precipitation , calculate the motion and estimate its type.
On the occasion of 147th Foundation Day of India Meteorological Department (IMD) , the installation took place of Doppler Weather Radar in Leh Ladakh and establishment of a meteorological centre at Leh would be benefiting the people of Ladakh in a major way. Weather forecasts are needed more extensively for Ladakh in respect of and in cases of travel to areas like Nubra, Kargil , Dras etc in helicopters . For aviation purposes especially for shorter but challenging routes across Ladakh ,the radar facility will prove of immense help in respect of providing more decentralised information about weather moods.