Dodge Corona Virus by Self Discipline

Mahesh Chander Sudan
We, the people of India, have been observing country wide lock down to check the transmission of COVID-19 since 24 Mar 2020 and adhering to physical distancing as per guidelines issued by Government of India and territorial administrations in this regard. The ongoing lockdowns affected our day to day life besides halting all economic activities. We are aware of the fact that prolonged suspension of activities would not only affect our economic growth but also hamper our social wellbeing. It is also realized now that the least known virus is likely to stay for some time and therefore we are expected to modify our way of life to stay safe by dodging the lethal effect of the virus through committed self-discipline. It may sound illogical to some of us but a committed adoption of guidelines required to be followed for curtailing unnecessary exposure to virus through a healthy asymptomatic carrier in our day to day life would certainly help us in combating the infection. Having been part of a disciplined defense organization for almost four decades, it raises a sense of commitment in me to call upon my fellow citizens to respond to the need of the hour in the larger interest of the mankind across the globe. Discipline and self-discipline are two important ingredients of our growing that differentiate us from other living beings of this planet. It is observed that security personnel have so far been deployed largely to keep us within the allowed parameters of guidelines. These lockdowns are actually safeguards to delay the virus infection and cannot continue to be imposed through security apparatus ignoring economic aspect of our life.
The prevalent COVID affected environment demands for responsible citizen behavior to help administrative machinery in breaking the cycle of virus to arrest and reverse its transmission. Frontline COVID warriors have been trying to educate us in this regard during last three lockdowns. We, the people of India, are now required to modify our way of life to check and contain the spread of virus through social distancing and other stipulated restrictions. This could be achieved through committed sense of self discipline. Self-discipline is the ability you have to control and motivate yourself, stay on track and do what is right. It trains and controls oneself and one’s conduct usually for personal improvement. In the present context, we are required to instill in ourselves the requirement of modifying our way of life to strictly adhere health guidelines for staying safe and healthy. Self-discipline means self-control which is a sign of inner strength and control of you, your actions and reactions. It is one of the keys to living to your full potential. The fourth spell of lockdown has some relaxations included in itself to reactivate the wheel of economy in a graded manner so that citizens are guided towards planned exit out of lockdown regime. The transmission of virus still remains unchecked and we are still away from the production of vaccine/medicine for fighting virus/treating affected patients.
Available health infrastructure across the globe is hardly adequate enough to provide specialized treatment with sufficient ventilators and other hospital equipment. In the given scenario when no safe and reliable therapeutic drug is available, we are expected to be more cautious in our daily life to safeguard us from infection and remain healthy for the larger interest of the society. In the meanwhile, it is required to move ahead with stepped up economic activities while exiting lockdown regime in future. We can ill afford to live with indefinite lockdown in the present form. It has rendered people jobless, multiplied problems of poor workers especially daily earners who are left with no prospect of earning in the present form. It therefore becomes imperative for system to care for Life and Livelihood simultaneously. We expect union Government to share exit plan with all stakeholders so that officials of Union and Federal structure undertake their responsibility and keep public informed of each and every step till we finally exit out of lockdown regime.
A transparent approach in this regard will hardly leave any chance for politics for the larger welfare of the state. We, the people of India, are required to share our responsibility with full dedication and sincerity and follow the measures announced by the National Disaster Management Authority in letter and spirit. It is time for us to stand united and help health workers in combating coronavirus and lead our nation into new era of normal life and reenergize the economic growth. We are sure to succeed in dodging COVID-19 with Self Discipline in adhering to laid down guidelines for safe and successful future. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.
The author is Wg Cdr (Retd)