Documentary Debate

The fact that the western media is always trying to create a false and illogical controversy around those they are biased against for their own self-interest is clear to all. Examples are many from Iran,Iraq,Russia,Syria the list is endless.
The totally illogical and mindless targetting of the Indian Prime minister the leader of the world’s largest democracy whom the people of the country voted with overwhelming majority not once but twice and most probably the third time clearly indicates their distaste for anyone who can stand up against them,look them in the eye and talk proudly about his people and his country.
As far as the Prime minister and the riot cases are concerned the Indian Judiciary as well as the people of India are absolutely clear about his innocence that’s why he was cleared of all cooked up charges by the highest Judiciary of the land that too when the congress was in power.The people too gave their clear judgment by voting him to power with overwhelming majority.It clearly shows that the documentary is nothing more than propoganda against the tallest world leader today.
The Concern really is against the gullibility of a section of our own people who get provoked by the falsehood being spread by a not so trustworthy foriegn media house of a country who have been our long time oppressors and looters. The most appropriate response to the propaganda by the people of India would be to ignore the falsehood being spread and disrespect being shown to the Indian Judiciary and the democractic mandate of the people given to the Prime Minister. Probably the best response of the people would be to vote back the Prime Minister with an even bigger majority in 2024.
Col Vikram Bhasin