Doctor from Jammu shines in UK

Amerjit Singh Nagra
Dr Mukesh Chugh MD FRCA (London) consultant anaesthetist NHS UK ; who basically comes from Shastri Nagar Jammu, is living in Northern Ireland, part of United Kingdom. He is getting immense praise and contribution in the UK for his contribution in medical service.
His achievements are a matter of pride for all us living abroad and praise he is getting in UK media ;it makes all of us proud who live abroad and their roots are in India.
He did his schooling from DBN (Dewan Badri Nath Vidya Mandir old city Jammu and got selected in GMC (Government Medical College) Jammu where he did his Postgraduation in Anaesthesia ; before moving to UK he worked in Christian Medical college Ludhiana and All India Institute of Medical Sciences N. Delhi. He is among few anesthetists who have been given Fellow ad Eundem by Royal College of Anaesthesia London.
In addition to his contributions in his full-time job as a consultant Anaesthetist in Hospital where he has been at the forefront during this COVID pandemic; he has pursued a busy second career as a community volunteer. The results of his many years of volunteer service have achieved spectacular results. His ability to motivate and organise others; inspite of his busy full-time job; has had a lasting effect on our community and the surrounding region; what is also staggering is how the efforts of one person, one particular person, can truly make a difference.
After gaining the support from local officials and key community organisations; Mukesh has begun many energetic Projects. He hasn’t just taken a lead to inspire these projects but has built a community movement dedicated to improve the regional togetherness; that is much larger and longer lasting. The ultimate goal of these initiatives is to bring people together and create a stronger sense of community.
It takes lot of things behind the scenes to make projects like these a success. It has led to a fundamentally new, more balanced relationship between locals and different Ethnic groups. Because of these efforts, Mukesh has earned not only the ‘Mayor’s Volunteer Recognition Award – ‘ and Derry Journal People of the year Award but also, the respect and gratitude of those for whom and with whom he serves. He was also nominated for Staff Recognition Award at his hospital for his role as a NCEPOD UK Ambassador (National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death) and for his endeavours as a Hemovigilance Assessor for the Western Trust both roles centered at patient safety at regional and National level. He has contributed to many national audits and studies conducted by NCEPOD UK.
His efforts were also recognised by local organisations and business houses and he was Finalist in Supervalu Superstar Award.
it’s also important to point out that he has devoted his family time, especially in the evenings and weekends for these projects. In the projects undertaken by him; Cultural diversity was celebrated in a public and positive way, Cultural integration was fostered, and Prejudice and hate crime was challenged. It enhanced cultural awareness and appreciation which, in turn, has assisted in tackling racism faced by people from ethnic minority communities. These events have also enhanced the sense of civic pride within the local Indian community in terms of showcasing their culture and traditions to a wider audience. It has promoted and supported the development of intercultural art practices, It has given them confidence to perform and encouraged them to continue to refine art therefore ensuring that traditions, cultures and crafts are passed on for future generations.
He has been conducting workshops/lecture/projects in schools and college for number of years; about Indian art, culture and heritage to promote Interfaith Harmony. He is also organising Free Meditation sessions which in this era of stressful life has helped many to unwind and help to embark on the inward journey.
Mukesh has also worked in partnership with NICEM (Northern Ireland Council for Ethnic Minority) to raise issues and services like promoting equal rights and challenging racism. He is also nominated the VICE Chair for the Foyle Racial Equality Forum; the focus of this group is to develop a shared society in which BAME communities play a full and equal part with a genuine sense of belonging; tackling prejudice and racism and finally encouraging BAME(Black and Asian Minority Ethnic group) people to be participants and leaders in society both locally and regionally.
Moving to different country is not easy; Mukesh faced many personal and professional problems; instead of giving up; he took intiatives which are now helping other people who migrates and come to different country and face similar problems.
Seeing the fight of India against Covid in media; he arranged delivery of BIPAP ventilators to India through charity which was again commended by the Chief Executive and Medical Director of the Hospital aswell as local media.He is also helping in roll out of Covid vaccines in Northern Ireland and was selected to be the face of BAME community for the promotion of vaccination by Department of Health and Public Health Agency Northern Ireland.
The author is CEO Northern Ireland Sikh Association (Registered Charity)