Doc detained for raising issues of patients

Excelsior Correspondent
Srinagar, Aug 26: Police today detained a doctor in Partap Park area who raised issue of suffering of patients due to clampdown.
One Dr Omar appeared in Partap Park area this afternoon and raised the issue of dialysis and cancer patients who he said are suffering due to communication blockade. He was picked up by the police and taken to Police Station.
“Due to the non-availability of internet services and landline services, the patients are not able to take benefit from the central schemes. People are paying from their pockets”, Omar said.
“Those who are having the income of Rs 10000, they are to pay Rs 1800 for one dialysis session, imagine the cost that it incurs per month for poor patients”, he said.
Dr Omar said: “I have evidence that people are not able to take chemotherapy sessions on time and that they are missing their sessions. A patient had to undergo the session on August 6, but he only made it on August 24. It was all due to the inaccessibility or the non-availability medicines.”
“Overall admissions are low, elective surgeries are low, it is all due to the inaccessibility as the patients are not able to reach”, he said.