Do we really care for Ranbir Canal?

How much importance from various angles Ranbir Canal has for the people of Jammu hardly should need elaboration. We must really care for our water bodies and those symbols of our past glory especially how with very limited means , both financial , technical and supportive, did the contemporary Governments manage this canal flow in present (but not polluted) form through the city of Jammu. ‘Excelsior’ through these very columns on March 23, this year highlighted the problems faced by this canal with a clarion call to “save it”.
Yes, not the state Governments or associated agencies can do that much as we, the people especially residing nearer to this canal, could do to save it from becoming a flowing dull , muddied , fuliginous and odd coloured water canal . Violating its waters would be the befitting term instead of calling polluting it as violation encompasses acts of breaking laws coupled with sinning.
Unfortunately, successive State Governments have been indulging in a peculiar type of politics for obvious reasons and maximum time and energy is wasted on unproductive pursuits resulting in very insignificant attention paid to formulate rules and regulations to save prides of the past like the Ranbir Canal. We must take a pledge never ever to dump any ‘Kachra’, polythene, plastic, earthen broken ware, collected dust on daily basis from its road side and the like into this canal to save it from dying a slow death . We can and must do it.