DM orders corona curfew from 7 PM April 29 to 7:00 AM May 3, 2021 in Jammu district

JAMMU: District Magistrate Jammu, Anshul Garg, in his capacity as the Chairperson of the District Disaster Management Authority, Jammu has ordered a complete ‘Corona’ curfew across the entire jurisdiction of Jammu District with effect from 7:00 pm today (29/04/2021) to 7:00 AM – 03/05/2021.
As per the order the decision of Imposition of Corona Curfew in District Jammu (w.e.f 29/04/2021 (7:00 pm) to 03/05/2021 -7:00 am) has been taken after ‘a detailed review of the current COVID situation in District Jammu conducted by the District Disaster Management Authority, Jammu with respect to the current positivity rate, hospital bed occupancy and total active cases’.
It stated that the District Disaster Management Authority is of the considered view that stringent containment measures are required to be taken at a macro level in order to restrict the movement and inter mingling of people, thereby limiting the chain of transmission.
However several activities and movements shall be permissible as per guidelines which include the Chemist Shops, Diagnostic Centres, Medical, Optical and Clinical Establishments; LPG Outlets and Petrol Pumps; Agricultural activities including establishments agricultural inputs, implements and tools; Cattle feed and fodder shops; ATM and Cash VANs; Print and electronic media (On production of valid ID Card); FCI and FCS8CA depots; Operation and maintenance of telecom towers and other telecom infrastructure (on production of valid ID card); eCommerce & Home Delivery of essential goods and services; Restaurants in hotels for in-house guests, to be served only in the rooms; All Industrial and Scientific establishments (both Public & Private); All development, construction works & mining activities; Movement of all Health, Medical & Sanitation personnel (Both Government and Private) on production of ID Cards; Routine vaccination drive in all designated sites along with additional sites for residential areas and containment zones; Interstate and intra state movement of essential goods;. Officers and officials of UT Government, Government of India, PSUs, Autonomous bodies, Universities, All India Radio, Doordarshan and other such offices on production of ID Cards/ Official orders; Movement of goods and essential supplies, nomads migrating with herds, Darbar Move Officials staff, and other products like agricultural / horticultural goods, on the National & State Highways.
The order also lists partially permissible activities in the District (from 6AM to 10AM only); Local retail Grocery Shops catering to residential areas and mohallas (excluding Mega Marts, Super Markets & Multi Item Departmental Stores); Milk and Dairy products; Mandies, Shops & Street Vendors dealing with fruits and vegetables only; Bakery, Meat and Chicken Shops.
The non-permissible activities in the entire District are; There shall be a complete ‘Corona’ curfew with no movement of people except for permissible activities only, as mentioned above. All Educational institutions including technical & skill development institutes are already closed and shall continue to remain closed. All Shopping Complexes, Bazaars, Saloons, Barber Shops, Cinema Halls, Restaurants & Bars, Sport Complexes, Gyms, Spas, Swimming Pools, Parks, Zoos, etc, shall remain closed.
Religious & Social gatherings such as marriages, attended by upto 50 persons only, whether indoors or outdoors, and funerals last rites, attended by upto 20 persons only, are allowed. However, in case of marriages and other pre-planned events, the organizers shall inform the Tehsildars concerned at least 48 Hours in advance and ensure COVID appropriate behavior. No permissions shall be required for such events & the invitation cards shall be treated as movement passes.
Public transport shall be allowed to operate at a maximum of 50% capacity only and this shall be strictly enforced.
Health Department will establish Telemedicine facilities for patients isolating at home. Dedicated Control room numbers for this shall be widely publicized.
Direct admission of patients in tertiary care hospitals shall be allowed only on referral from a district hospital except for emergencies. All COVID patients being admitted to tertiary hospitals in Jammu shall necessarily be based on referral from their respective District hospitals, except for grave emergencies.
Notwithstanding any of the above, the SOP for Containment Zones already notified by this office shall continue to be in force.
District COVID control room (0191-2571616, 0191-2571912, 9622011623, 8825081695-Whatsapp) shall be operational round the clock to address any of the queries of the general public and attend to any emergencies.
Meanwhile, the Public at large has been informed that Section 51 of the Disaster Management Act provides for penalties in case a person obstructs any officer or employee in discharge of his functions or refuses to comply with any direction given under this Act. Any violation of the above directions will, therefore, lead to prosecution under section 51 of the DM Act, 2005. Senior Superintendent of Police Jammu, shall strictly enforce compliance to this order.
“Since, it is not possible to serve prior notice of this order, it is as such being issued ex-parte, the order stated further.