DM imposes Section 144 CrPC in Chowgan ground

Excelsior Correspondent
KISHTWAR, June 5: District Magistrate (DM) Angrez Singh Rana has imposed Section 144 of Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC) in the famous Chowgan ground on the request of the police.
By imposing 144 CrPC, the movement of all sorts of vehicles, official or private, four-wheelers, two-wheelers, motorcycles and bicycles and all the ice-cream vending carts has been banned.
The district Police for quite some time is getting complaints from the general public that many people trespass the famous Chowgan ground by illegally taking four wheelers and two wheelers into it. At the same time many ice-creams vending carts move in the ground where they cause salt pollution on ground which destroys the flora of ground’s top layer. The repeated movement of all these vehicles and ice-cream carts has badly damaged the ecology of ground beside putting at risk the life of kids, women and elders who visit the Chowgan in morning and hours. Police on many occasions tried its level best to prevent the entry of these vehicles and bikers, have taken action on isolated cases and also attempted to educate the people especially youth through social media, but the efforts remained wasteful due to non-corporation of vagabonds and violators.
Police finally requested the DM to issue the order under 144 CrPC to ban the entry of such vehicles, rehries and cycles into the ground and the DM has accordingly issued the orders for strict implementation.
Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Abrar Chowdhary said that the order will be implemented with full force and police will make wide publicity of order through public announcements, mainstream media and social media for three days with the effect from June 7.
He stated that after the complete publicity the police will take heavy action as warranted under law including the registration of FIR against every such person who will take any bike, motorcycles, bicycle or any vehicle private or official into the ground.
“All the Government offices including the establishment of forces will be communicated in writing to desist from making the entry of their vehicles into the ground unless legally permitted for special reason”, SSP added.