Divinity Inside

Pinaki Bakshi

“The deeds that make us strong are our strength,
And the deeds that make us weak are our weakness.”
So, basically divinity residing inside us is in both forms: Positive as well as Negative. But this is us who implicate it and execute in whatsoever form we want to either positive or negative. We are the bundle of our thoughts and deeds. The way we think, we become so, the way we do, we get so. So, this cycle is pretty vicious, which we can only understand by the thought occupied ones. We are a creature of divine love connected at all times to source. Divine love is when we see God in everyone and everything we encounter. Divinity is not something that documents can prove or disprove.
‘Divinity draped in eternity and truth,
Materiality draped in ephemeral and illusion’.
We need not to reach Cosmos, it is our part, it is inside us, we need not to reach god , we are just part of it, and God resides in all of us. But, our actions and thoughts decide whether that divinity will stay inside us or one always need to be in the quest of divinity. Why one ask to chant mantras, why one ask to think good and positive? For all these doings contain positive vibes, that slowly and slowly amalgamate with the air and finally reaches the core of cosmos, that is why when we think positive, we actually realise it, when we do positive, we actually get the positive outcomes as well as vibes.
When one stick over positive thoughts, they do their best to make sure that whatever we want to achieve or whatever we are thinking to achieve should be fulfilled positively and surely. So, we are the creature of our thoughts. When we give up all vain temptations, worldliness, when negative thoughts don’t deserve to shake us, when people’s acid tongue and thoughts hardly bothers us, we become unyielding , we become unstoppable, and that feeling make to feel best for us and ultimately best for the world as well.
“The most divine light only shines on those minds which are purged from all worldly dross and human uncleanliness.”
Someone’s behaviour with us should not be our concern, but how that person behaves with others in our absence should be our concern.
The humanity inside us will reflect in our each and every move, and if find varying it means, it is having various mouths. The things that are strongly in our favour and if we consistently work for it, they add on in our good deeds and hence become our destiny. And the things that are not in our favour and still if we crave for those things, they add on in our bad luck and hence becomes our unfulfilled fate, that we precisely called ‘bad luck’. Man’s ultimate destiny is to become one with the divine power which governs and sustains the creation and the creatures.
“Every experience is part of a divine plan, just believe it and follow it.”
When the Universe got formed, God firstly created only good force(Satan), and later on when that force transformed into evil one(Satan), God again created some more good force(Eden and Eve) and later on God also realised that this Universe has to work balancly with both the flavours of good as well as evil. Hence, since that time both the forces are in existence and their existence will always remain a transcendental question.
Well said by Arthur Rimband that, “Only divine love bestows the keys of knowledge.” When divinity resides in us, it becomes knowledge and that ocean of knowledge either make us a part or apart from Universe. Knowledge is that divine power, which can neither be created forcefully, nor be destroyed, but can keep on passing from one person to another and divinity rules that all. One cannot snatch someone’s knowledge or one can’t rule over it. It is inside us, and execute it when we reach the zenith of wisdom and optimisticity. This is how beyond the waves of our mind, shines the light of our divine presence.
But, this is what reality is. The only good things or forces alone are in vain, until or unless there will be having no evil part, for if there will be no evil how we will get to know the value of good, if there will be no challenges how we will get to taste the success. So, this is how divinity works inside us as well as in Universe. Both the forces are important to keep on holding each other tight. Only one’s existence doesn’t matter.
“Universe cries for divinity,
While it resides in divinity,
Humanity quests for humanity’
While it resides in us only.”