Div Coms and DCs empowered for transfer of land

Divisional Commissioners and Deputy Commissioners have been given powers regarding transfer of Governmental land or departmental land to the extent of 100 and 10 kanals respectively. This decision having been taken by the State Administrative Council (SAC) is primarily to take care of developmental projects in the State and cut down on procedural delays. This is really a welcome step as one of the reasons of the private investment being shy in this State is due to inordinate delays caused due to red tape, procedural delays and the like. This decision will not only result in avoiding delays in completion of the said projects but would help in accelerating overall development.
On the case to case basis within the respective jurisdiction of the Divisional and Deputy Commissioners , they should have full authority and should exercise the same in taking decisions in respect of transfer of such pieces of land .
In this task, unless Revenue Department lends its ‘tight’ hands for cooperation as it involves interests of the public and the development projects for the public , nothing would happen on the ground. However, care must be taken in ensuring that the land purported to be transferred must not be encumbered and any lending institution having any charge over it which if overlooked, could later result in avoidable litigations . Also, by merely transferring the land and sitting with fingers crossed over it would serve no purpose unless a project stood approved and having reached the final stage of acquiring land to commence its work. Like this, projects like buildings for Schools, colleges, departmental offices etc would get special attention.