Dissolution of Assembly a right step of Governor: Gupta

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Nov 23: The former Union Minister, Prof. Chaman Lal Gupta said that dissolution of the State Assembly should have been affected months earlier but the Governor, S.P Malik has taken a right step in checking the any gang up of dubious characters who were engaged in causing problems in the way of the forces engaged in tackling the militancy being engineered from across the border/LoC, especially when the normalcy was returning in troubled Kashmir as their black mailing power was dwindling.
In a statement, Prof. Gupta said that it was strange that these elements boycotted the elections to the basic democracies which empower the people at the grass root level but looked eager to scuttle the steps being taken by the dispensation of the Governor to have a real democracy.
Welcoming the conduct of elections to Local Bodies and that of Panchayats , he termed it a big achievement in the prevailing situation and stressed that it should be ensured that these democracies function to serve the cause of the people and accelerate the pace of development as these could face problems from the elements who had boycotted these polls on frivolous grounds and now feeling uneasy with the successfully coming up of these bodies.’
As these bodies would not be to the liking of those dynastic politicians who hankered for power for themselves but never bothered to percolate it to the common man to have a real Swaraj, the concept of the great men including Mahatma Gandhi.
Prof.Gupta also pleaded for the extension of 73rd and 74th Amendment of the Constitution to this State to empower the basic democracies like other parts of the country. These powers were denied by misleading slogans of Autonomy. In fact such slogans were meant to have hegemony of dynastic parties as otherwise the provisions were meant to empower the masses at the ground level.
He maintained that J&K is an integral part of India and if these provisions could be beneficial for crores of people in rest of India, how these can prove harmful in this State but for communal and sectarian sentiments are quite often raised to have their own ends.
Prof. Gupta alleged that the seeds of radicalism were sown in Kashmir by such politicians and the crop is being harvested by the enemies operating from across the borders and the country, more so the people of the State are facing the sad situation.