Disposal of ‘condemned vehicles

Space , space and space whether for parking of the vehicles , the number of which is as a routine increasing day by day is required and again it is required for discarded and ‘condemned’ vehicles , the number of which is also increasing . This has been analysed by the High Court which has repeatedly asked the Government of Jammu and Kashmir to make arrangements for certified yards forresting and final disposal of such scrapped and not needed vehicles. It is surprising to note that not to speak of providing certified yards , even the sites have so far not been identified. In addition to it , the ban on using roads for parking of vehicles is nowhere in sight which include not only National Highway, State Highways but even city roads as well which we find intensely dotted with vehicles on either side of the roads and even lanes.
Another vital aspect which the court has taken note of is the fate of registration certificates and registration numbers of vehicles with 25 years of age and declared condemned and has asked the Transport Department to file reply along with an affidavit. Scrap dealers must have modern scientific tools and machinery to deal with the discarded vehicles and a decision whether to own the certified yards by the Government or outsource the same must be taken in the right earnest. In addition to these issues related to vehicles , de-congestion on existing roads , possessing parking space by the owners of vehicles and fuel conversion to CNG have already been dealt with by the court in its various directions. The UT Government needs to respond at the earliest.