Dietary cholesterol and cardiovascular risk, need to rethink approach: Dr Sushil

HoD Cardiology Dr Sushil Sharma examining patients at Marh on Sunday.
HoD Cardiology Dr Sushil Sharma examining patients at Marh on Sunday.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Dec 18: In order to educate the masses regarding the ever rising incidence of cardiac ailments due to dietary cholesterol levels, Head Department of Cardiology SSH Jammu Dr Sushil Sharma organized a screening cum cardiac awareness camp at Shiv Mandir, Village Sangrampur Block Marh. More than 250 people were screened; evaluated, diagnosed and free medicines were given as per the requirements.
While interacting with the patients, Dr Sushil stated that the Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is one of the leading cause of death.
For years, dietary cholesterol was implicated in increasing blood cholesterol levels leading to the elevated risk of CVD. There are several types of lipids. The main ones you’ve probably heard about are “good cholesterol” and “bad cholesterol.” Good cholesterol is called high-density lipoprotein (HDL). Your HDLs carry cholesterol to your liver. Your liver keeps your cholesterol levels balanced. It makes enough cholesterol to support your body’s needs and gets rid of the rest. You must have enough HDLs to carry cholesterol to your liver. If your HDLs are too low, you’ll have too much cholesterol circulating in your blood. Bad cholesterol is called low-density lipoprotein (LDL). This is the culprit that makes plaque form in your arteries. Having too many LDLs can lead to heart disease over time,” Dr Sharma said.
Dr Sharma said that people should talk with healthcare provider about the best way to lower cholesterol. Some people only need some simple lifestyle changes like eating less saturated fat. Others need lifestyle changes plus medication. People with medical conditions that affect their cholesterol may need a more complex approach.
Others who were Part of this Camp includes Dr Nasir Ali Choudhary (Cardiologist), Dr Anitipal Singh (Ortho) and Dr Dhaneshwer Kapoor. Paramedics and Volunteers includes kamal Sharma, Raghav Rajput, Rajkumar, Ranjeet Singh, Harvinder Singh, Sandeep Pal, Akshay Kumar and Lovely Malpotra.