Dialogue only solution

In his Independence Day message, Governor N N Vohra has voiced concern over progressive increase in infiltration attempts across the Line of Control (LoC) particularly this year. He has hoped that new leadership in Islamabad will realize the futility of continuing with terrorist agenda in Jammu and Kashmir. He has suggested to the prospective new dispensation in Pakistan to accept that only peace between the two nations could lead to mutual benefits of prosperity.
Feeling concerned over many youth otherwise pursuing studies and professional courses, were influenced and motivated to pick up the gun and join terror groups. He, however, felt optimistic that many had returned and appealed to community “leaders” to use their utmost influence to get all young men to return home who had deviated from the path. He wished them to pursue their careers for their bright future ahead.
These words of utmost importance spoken by the Governor needed to be heeded to by those misguided and misled Kashmiri youth who cannot make a discreet choice between the options of breaking the law and adhering to the civility and peaceful living and thus not falling victim to the evil designs of terror elements but continue to build their careers in studies and other professional courses. Their bright future awaited them at the gates of choosing the right option.
The Governor said, “During the past four years, various initiatives taken by Prime Minister Narindra Modi to secure amicable relations with our neighbor have not so far engendered any results, elections have just concluded in Pakistan and a new Prime Minister will be soon taking over and I very much hope that the new leadership in Islamabad will recognize the futility of continuing with the terror agenda.”
It goes without saying that the initiative has to be taken by the neighbouring country Pakistan and India was always, as its State policy, ushering for everlasting peace in the interest of mutual friendship, cooperation and trade between the two countries. However, whenever any bold initiative is taken in this direction, more than one faces of Governments as they exist in de-jure status in Pakistan sabotage the process. If the new Government succeeds in containing such elements firmly, it can prove that some paradigm shift in the State policy of Pakistan had taken place. Let us see and watch the status of the ball in the court of Pakistan.