Dholavira recognised as Heritage Site

It is a shot in the arm of the state of Gujarat’s pride and a proud moment for the country that one more city of Gujarat known as Dholavira which is of Harappan era, has been conferred the tag of being UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is noteworthy that during the last month of July , this is second such city being named as such after Ramappa Temple at Palampet in Telengana’s Warangal district. UNESCO in its tweet on conferring the World Heritage tag on Dholavira said , ”Congratulations”.
With this, Gujarat boastfully has now four world heritage sites. The new Heritage Site of Dholavira has opened new vistas for historians, research scholars, academicians and the like to know more about such sites and make unknown facts fairly known so that people within the country and from abroad make such sites as their favourite spots of seeing them inquisitively. The Prime Minister has felt “absolutely delighted” terming the city honoured as one of the most important linkages “with our past”.