Dharma ensures progress of humanity, sustains society: CJI

ANDHRA PRADESH: Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra said today that dharma sustains society and maintains social order, besides ensures well-being and progress of  humanity.

“Dharma is a concept that cannot be adequately translated in English or any other language. It sustains society, maintains social order and ensures well-being, besides progress of humanity,” Justice Misra said after inaugurating a two-day conference on ‘Human Values and The Legal World’ here.

More than 30 sitting judges of the Supreme Court and various high courts, besides more than 750 delegates from legal fraternity, are attending the conference, which is said to be the first-of-its-kind in India.

Making distinction between human values and human rights, Justice Misra said one can only enjoy human rights when he or she do not bend others’ rights.

“There is distinction between human values and human rights. We need to protect human rights by expressing human values. One can enjoy one’s human rights without bending the human rights of others. You should also not disturb the human values of others,” he said.

He further said if human values are lost the entire edifice will crumble and emphasised the need for imparting justice with human touch. (AGENCIES)