Development of Mubarak Mandi Complex

Mubarak Mandi Complex remains ingrained in the hearts and the psyche of the people especially with respect to its emotional, cultural and historical perspective. There have been many voices raised periodically against neglect by the successive Governments so far its development as a grand Cultural Centre of the state was concerned. However, the Master Plan having key objectives like conserving, managing, safeguarding and reusing the opulent cultural assets of Mubarak Mandi site for present and future generations kindles the hopes to see this heritage site in its pristine glory. The Master Plan was pending for a long time which has been approved by Governor Satya Pal Malik .
We can now hope that all its structures are conserved in original form and grandeur and the entire complex is turned into a top tourist destination as well. For that, the adjoining areas need to be accordingly developed and requisite infrastructure raised. Not only has the Government of Jammu and Kashmir exhibit its quantum of commitment to the historic and cultural Complex but Mubarak Mandi Heritage Society and Archaeological Survey of India too have to do a lot in respect of implementing the vision document which could resurrect the soul of this crumbling architectural marvel of its own time. Younger generations, who because of neglect of such historical and cultural heritage both by the Governments in power as also in most of the cases by elders in homes, are increasingly remaining ignorant of the rich legacy, need to be motivated to visit such sites and get acquainted with the glory and the splendour of the past to feel proud in belonging to the roots.