Developing Srinagar -Jammu as smart cities

There is probably no parameter ,no indicator and no sign of the State of Jammu and Kashmir recording satisfactory performance in any of the fields especially in matters of meeting the timeline fixed by the Union Government for executing and completing important projects, all for the benefits of the people.The same holds good in respect of developing the twin capital cities as Smart Cities .
It is beyond understanding as to why an amount of Rs.27 crore only has been spent by the concerned authorities as against Rs.116 crore already released by the Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs since 2017-18. It is reflective of the efficiency of the administrative machinery that not even one single project could be completed since 2017 till date . In other words, the flagship scheme launched by the Prime Minister in 2015 for development of 100 cities including Srinagar and Jammu as Smart Cities, has been weakened rather made ineffective on account of moving even at below the snail’s pace. All the stages of the scheme are planned to be completed by 2021-22 but Jammu and Kashmir state is unlikely to touch the timeline let alone meet it fully. Funds being otherwise the usual problem, is in the instant case, the other way round as they are already released in advance. Where does the problem lie must be clarified by the Government?