Develop Sudhmahadev-Mantalai

This has a reference to news item, “Patel calls for pristine glory of historic monuments”, DE Dec 18. It is a welcome initiative to note that Union Minister of State for Tourism, Prahlad Singh Patel has sought DPR for development of Purmandal – Utterbehni under “Prasad” scheme of Govt of India.
In this connection, it is pertinent to mention that the previous PDD-BJP had announced development of Purmandal Utterbehni and Sudhmahadev-Mantalai under Religious Pilgrimage Development Circuit Scheme. No such activity was undertaken during long period of rule of previous Govt and the funds were diverted to the Valley.
Now the Govt of India has shown real concern for the development of tourism in Jammu province as per the on spot directions of Minister of State for Tourism during his visit to Jammu and Purmandal -Utterbehni areas. It was more heartening to see the Minister directing the authorities to prepare DPR for holistic development of Purmandal- Utterbehni within 15 days.
In this connection, I would like to request PMO and Tourism Minister, Govt of India to please include Sudhmahadev – Mantalai for Development under Govt of India funded scheme for promotion of spiritual circuit to promote of Pilgrimage Tourism in UT of Jammu and Kashmir.
It is well known in the religious circles that Sudhmahadev Mantalai have remained as Major pilgrimage destinations from very early times. Holy Devika appears in wonder land of Sudhmahadev in the foot hills of Dhar Shiv Garh. Thousands of devotees of Lord Shiva visit Sudhmahadev every month for Holy bath in sacred Devika rivulet for purification of soul and welfare of mankind. The temples of Gouri-Kund, Sudhmahadev and Papnashni are famous in connection with glories of Lord Shiva from ancient times. Entire area from Chenani to Mantalai is called as land of Lord Shiva as it has many temples and shrines alongwith Holy Devika and Surya Putri Tawi Rivers. All these religions destinations visited by thousands of people have remained undeveloped till now. No serious measures have been taken by successive. Govt to raise basic required infrastructure at Sudhmahadev – Mantalai for the promotion of Tourism based on religions pilgrimage concept. It is requested that Sudhmahadev-Mantalai be included for Development under “Prasad” Scheme of Govt of India.
Rajinder Anthal
Chenani Udhampur