“Destiny, Not Always…”

Gehna Kochhar
For years once we are born and until we age, we were always brought up with a conception ” If it’s destined to be yours, it’ll be yours.”
Do things really work that way?
If we leave things hanging,
Hoping without any effort of yours, it’ll be yours always,
Victory will never be yours.
The reason why we cause thousands of relationships to die,
People to suffer,
Tears to fall,
Us to hurt,
Is because we let go of the string holding us together
With a mere anticipation that no matter what, destiny will work for us.
But we forget, how do we expect the destiny to be our way, if the bond wasn’t strong enough?
If we did not try enough to make it feel you actually wanted it?
Not every time can destiny protect you, sometimes it’ll drift you apart as well.
It’s very easy to say that “We do not wish to have you in our lives anymore.”, it has become a trend now, which if after a while you do not follow, you won’t look cool or without which you cannot preach that you love yourself.
It takes a minute for you to say that, but years for a heart to accept that…
The heart that once breaks,
Takes years to rebuild,
To convince a heart that’s been once broken,
To let it love again,
Repeat the cycle all over,
Is equivalent to demanding
The dead to return.
“Kismat mei hoga, toh zaroor Milega.” is what has been raising hope and life in our hearts for centuries now. But, here comes the dilemma, let it go because it isn’t meant to be or hold onto it until it rips your heart?
What’s sad is choosing any of them, will burn your soul.
You just need to decide what is worth setting your soul on fire…
No doubt, we have spent our lives focusing on the destiny, but continuous efforts to turn it into a reality is what matters.