Departmental exoneration not impacting criminal charges

We have been pleading for adequate professional autonomy for the Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) in handling cases of corruption and the manner as to how they investigated cases with an aim to ensure the guilty were punished to eradicate the scourge of corruption. The High Court of J&K and Ladakh has ruled that merely by exonerating an accused employee as a result of departmental enquiries and proceedings does not necessarily mean that such an accused got relief from the courts accordingly in the form of quashing of the criminal charges filed against such person.
While it is no aspersion or undermining of the importance or the competence of findings of such departmental proceedings but since the courts deciding cases strictly as per with the laws of the land / constitution of the country etc after considering each and every aspect, there being ample scope of erring in departmental proceedings which may therefore not stand the test of judicial scrutiny hence criminal charges may not necessarily be quashed against the accused employee. This must give an opportunity to hasten and not delay departmental proceedings but initiate action as early as possible following establishing of involvement of an employee in corrupt practices.