Delimitation of Assembly seats

Delimitation of Assembly seats has remained a major issue for the Jammuites since times past. Even Ladakh division feels injustice in this subject. Voices are continuously raised by the people against the injustice since decades together but all resentment went unnoticed to-date. Although the issue with regard to delimitation of Assembly seats is based on facts so far as area and population of the two divisions is concerned. In Kashmir division there are 44 seats while as the Jammu Division has 34. In Ladakh the number of Assembly seats is four. The situation depicts the discrimination towards Jammu and Ladakh Divisions. In this regard Kashmir dominated politicians /rulers are responsible for the discrimination towards Jammu and Ladakh divisions.
Now when the State has been bifurcated and Governors rule people have pinned high hopes on the Governor’s rule and have raised the delimitation subject once again. It has also remained in the manifesto of BJP that the issue will be resolved while keeping in view the geographical and population index of all the three divisions of the State. Once delimitation process is over elections for the JK Union Territory should be held without wasting any time. This will pave way for local governance which is need of the hour and a constitutional obligation.
S N Raina


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