Delimitation Commission

Reconstitution of Constituenies in UT of Jammu & Kashmir (erstwhile State of Jammu & Kashmir) has remained long pending demand of the deprived communities as well as of the region across Jammu & Kashmir. No previous Govts had taken or initiated any substantial exercise for the sake of justice in favour of the deprived sections of the society in the process of Delimitation. After a long span of 70 years or so the Delimitation process has been put in motion by the Election Commission of India for reconstitution of constituencies in Jammu and Kashmir which stood widely appreciated. In its preliminary report six seats have been reserved for Jammu region and one for Kashmir.
Some political parties have shown their resentment against the report in the process of Delimitation. Since the report is not in final stage, the Delimitation Commission will do justice taking into account every aspect in its final deliberations.
Reservation of nine seats for Scheduled tribes and seven seats for Scheduled caste is a right step in the right direction. Here one is at a loss to understand that there is no mention of KPs in the report. Kashmiri Pandits have been all along demanding reservation of some seats in the State legislature/Parliament which has not been conceded so far is a matter of concern. Their political empowerment will help in their rehabilitation and empowerment. This deprived community is looking forward for their empowerment in the same way as other sections of the society enjoy in democracy.
S N Raina