Defeat designs of those who are hobnobbing with enemy: Irani

Union Minister Smriti Irani addressing an election rally at Ghagwal on Saturday. -Excelsior/ Badyal
Union Minister Smriti Irani addressing an election rally at Ghagwal on Saturday. -Excelsior/ Badyal

‘Gupkar Alliance, Cong part of ‘Tukde Tukde’ Gang’

Avtar Bhat

KATHUA, Dec 5: Union Minister for Textiles, Women and Child Development, Smriti Irani today cautioned the people against those forces who refused to take national tricolour in their hands and asked the masses to ensure their exit in the ensuing District Development Council (DDC) elections.
The Union Minister, while addressing series of election rallies in Ramgarh, Swankha, Ghagwal, Barnoti, Gujroo Nagrota and Marheen in Samba and Kathua districts today, alleged that even Congress also is hand in glove with those parties who refused to take National Flag in their hands. Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi can’t be absolved of it also as he too joined the hands with the “Tukdey Tukdey” Gang in a University of Delhi.
Terming the Gupkar Alliance also part of this “Tukde Tukde Gang”, she said they as well as Congress leaders are the people who demanded proof from India’s brave Army for the surgical strikes. Cautioning the people against the machination of the Gupkar Alliance and Congress, she said how can be those parties sympathizers of the people who are going to join hands with enemy for sake of power?.
Terming the Congress a rudderless ship, Irani said the party is on crutches now. “The party leaders don’t meet their own activists and how can they solve your problems or be your sympathizers”, she asked.
Referring to Gupkar Alliance, she said the parties in conglomerate have no base as it has been totally eroded in view of their corrupt practices so these parties have come together for their vested interests and not for the welfare of the people. “Those parties who did not care about the people and did not join the hands to help the masses in pandemic when they (people) were facing a grave threat and need support have now joined hands for their own selfish interests”, Irani added.
She said those who have refused to take the tricolour in their hand should ask the patriotic people the value of National Flag who nurtured it with their blood. She said a new history has been created by the BJP after the refugees from West Pakistan got right to vote in the local elections of J&K, the people who were deprived of it by the Gupkaris for 70 long years.
Lambasting the Gupkar Alliance, she said they don’t want the peace to be restored in the J&K and hence they are misleading the people by false propaganda. She, while asking people to ensure victory of BJP in the ensuing elections, made it clear that this fight is between the nationalists and those who seek support from enemy.
She said people of J&K got the chance of casting vote in DDC elections after the decade long struggle by BJP. She, while highlighting the public welfare programmes launched by Narendra Modi Government like construction of toilets for women, providing gas connections to poor women, opening cashless accounts for the poor in the country asked where were the Congress and other Gupkaris at that time? Did not they feel pain of these poor people?, she asked.
Irani said Modi Government provided free gas connections to eight crore women in the country showing the concern for their welfare, besides 11 crore toilets were constructed for poor in the country, she added.
Accusing Congress of breeding corruption in the country during its rule, Irani, without naming Rajiv Gandhi said one of the party’s former PM had admitted that only 10 percent of the money released from Centre for development and public welfare reaches to people while 90 percent goes down the drain. This showed how Congress Governments bred the corruption in the country, she added.
It is the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi who is working for self esteem of poor and soon after coming to power in 2014, he asked to open the bank accounts for poor with zero balance so that they too can lead a self esteemed life. “The Congress taunted us that what a poor man has to do with bank account,” she added.
She said earlier poor people in Jammu had to make rounds of leaders to get their ailing family member admitted in AIIMS, New Delhi but Narendra Modi after feeling their pain sanctioned two AIIMS for the people of J&K which Congress and Gupkar leaders failed to do in their 70 years rule.
She asked the people had they seen any Gupkari or Congress leader distributing the relief among people during the lockdown enforced in Corona pandemic. “But these were the BJP activists who distributed ration, masks and sanitizers among the needy during that period”.
“Had the Government been in hands of Gupkaris you can yourself imagine what would have been the situation?, she asked.
Maintaining that local elections are as important for BJP as Parliament elections, she snubbed the opposition for criticizing BJP for involving national leaders for campaigning in the local elections.
J&K BJP vice-president and Prabhari, Yudhvir Sethi, Seh-Prabhari, Jangbir Singh, Janak Bharti, Rashpal Verma, Kulbushan Singh, Raj Singh, Balwant Singh, candidate Karn Atri, Abhinandan Sharma, Sushma Devi, Suresh Kumar Phalli, Asha Rani, Neelam Devi, Premnath Dogra, Narain Dutt Tripathi and other leaders were also present in the rallies.