Darbar move

Darbar move  is an old practice right from the time of Maharajas, but seems to be obsolete in the present era, since it does not bear the fruits as of today.The exorbitant amount being spent on its  movement after every six months  is  a wasteful expenditure.
It may be mentioned here that Maharaja’s secretariat was not a mammoth one, moreover, the poor people had nothing to do with their,changeover after change in   weather conditions. The common people were least concerned with the Darbar move except on real occasions, and were to mind their own business.
But, in contrast to that, today Government as we do say, “By  the people, for the people” means to say that people should not get  harassed while taking any decision by the stakeholders .So the question arises whether Darbar movement should be continued or dispensed with.  A new strategy should be chalked out to follow the austerity measures, like their should be only movement of the  Ministers, Assembly Secretariat & General Administration Department, while  rest of the offices should work at in  both cities. & work should be divided among  the administrative Secretaries regional wise to meet the demand vis-à-vis secretariat works of the general public at their regional head quarters & many of the Darbar move employees shall remain stationed at their nearest head quarters in continuity and any urgent information can be sought from either side online.So in the conclusion there is no such need that the whole secretariat is moved  after an interval of every six months,where people of each region have to suffer for a man made strategy Any business  requiring the approval of GAD/ Ministers , the relevant files should be transferred to the office of the GAD/Ministers in a stipulated time or on the end of each week with time bound return of consignment of files from either side .The much needed discussions can be had on through ’online programming’.
Yours etc…..
V K Rattanpal
Bhaddu, (Kathua)