Dalai Lama begins 3-day sermons

Tibetan spiritual leader The Dalai Lama waves to huge crowd in Leh on Thursday. -Excelsior/Morup Stanzin
Tibetan spiritual leader The Dalai Lama waves to huge crowd in Leh on Thursday. -Excelsior/Morup Stanzin

Huge rush leads to traffic chaos

Excelsior Correspondent

LEH, July 28: Three-day sermons of Buddhist spiritual leader The Dalai Lama began today.
On the first day of teaching, he spoke on Shantideva’s ‘A guide to the Bodhisatttva’s way of life’ which will continue on second day of his teaching on Friday. On the third day of teaching, he will confer Avalokitseshvara empowerment teaching followed by offering ‘Stenjuk’ life longevity prayer for Dalai Lama by Ladakh Buddhist Association and All Ladakh Gonpa Association.

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Thousands of devotees thronged at Jevetsal Photang for the teaching of The Dalai Lama. The teachings were held after almost 4 years gap post COVID-19 pandemic and attracted unexpected devotees from other Buddhist States also.
At the onset of his teaching, he said that he is highly impressed by the faith and devotion of people of Ladakh but at the same time he strongly emphasised on analyzing the Buddha’s teaching without following it blindly. He also emphasized on love and compassion towards all sentient beings.
Meanwhile, traffic congestion and chaos at various places caused inconvenience to devotees who reportedly got stuck at various locations for hours.
Devotees complained that due to mismanagement of traffic they had to miss the first day important teaching session.
Some devotees who travelled all the way from different villages of Ladakh to attend the teaching in Leh had failed to reach on time due to congestion.
Police official without wanting to be named, claimed that due to rainfall in the morning, devotees started coming very early from their homes for teaching but when rain stopped more came out at a particular time causing huge traffic congestion at various places.
Police official said devotees didn’t follow set traffic rule entering from all direction.
As per report, traffic manpower deployment will be increased to ease the traffic congestion on second day of teaching, new traffic routes will be opened and volunteer students will be deployed to manage the traffic.