Dalai Lama bats for dialogue, reconciliation to end discords

Excelsior Correspondent

KARGIL, July 26: While terming the 21st century as the century of dialogue, Buddhist spiritual leader Dalai Lama called for collective efforts to minimize discords and disagreements through the process of dialogue and reconciliation.
He was addressing a huge gathering of devotees during his religious sermon at Spring Dales Public School, Mulbekh, here today.
The Dalai Lama said that a peaceful and prosperous world is not possible by physical and material development alone, but the need of the hour is to promote moral and spiritual development to bring positive changes in people’s lives.
He said that basic human nature of compassion and warm-heartedness towards fellow human beings is the only solution to all violence and discontent. He said that every religion teaches self-discipline, compassion and love and urged upon people to adhere to the religious norms by heart and soul so that they are able to lead the path of piety and righteousness.
The Dalai Lama said that every religion has the potential to produce sensible and compassionate human beings, adding religion is the key source of inspiration to human beings that holds our hope in testing times.
Chairman, J&K Legislative Council, Haji Anayat Ali, Chairman, Chief Executive Councilor, LAHDC Kargil, Kachoo Ahmad Ali Khan, SSP Kargil, T Gyalpo and representatives of various organizations including Mulbekh Buddhist Association were present on the occasion.
Meanwhile, Budhists and Muslims in Zanskar presented a letter to Dalai Lama pledging to forgo past six years of communal tension and instead demonstrate dedication to embracing a harmonious future by promoting interfaith harmony.
The fortuitous incident took place yesterday after Dalai Lama conferred the Avalokiteshvara empowerment. He heartily accepted the letter and lauded both faith groups for pledging religious harmony.
Dalai Lama reiterated the importance of peaceful co-existence of all existent beings on earth. “Friendship and harmony between different faiths are of fundamental importance. The followers of different faith must follow and practice the advice of their own teachers,” he said.
The Buddhist spiritual leader also said that wherever he goes, he extols the harmonious co-existence of different religious traditions in India as a model for interfaith harmony in the world. “The Buddha taught us that caste and clan are not important, what is important is your practice, your action, your deeds,” stressed the Dalai Lama.