CU faculty delivers guest lectures at YCET

Audience during guest lecture by CU faculty.
Audience during guest lecture by CU faculty.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Oct 5: Department of Applied Sciences, Yogananda College of Engineering & Technology organized one day Faculty Development Programme, today.
Dr. J.N.Baliya and Dr. Aman Bhardwaj from Department of Educational Studies, Central University of Jammu were the two eminent guest speakers for the program. Dr. Arvind Dewangan, Director YCET welcomed the guest.
The program was divided into four sessions. In the first session Dr. J.N Baliya encouraged the faculty members to face emerging challenges in teaching as a profession by integration of innovative pedagogies in Technical Education. He elaborated the causes of challenges in teaching in present educational scenario and aptly mentioned that teaching should be considered as a profession rather than a job.
He mentioned about the various schemes initiated by the Government of India to enhance the academic skills of the teachers. He stressed upon the use of Technology in classroom teaching and on the concept of four A’s which means a teacher should be accessible to students Anywhere, Anytime, Anyway and to Anyone.
The second session was taken over by Dr. Aman Bhardwaj on Stress Management. Dr. Bhardwaj talked about the job stress that teachers are facing in their workplaces. The organization and its stakeholders have to work shoulder to shoulder to cope up with the stress. He also shared some of the interesting facts about stress in the workplace.
He guided the faculty members to practice ABC strategy to manage stress. ABC strategy is about the awareness of root cause of stress, balance between eustress and distress and control the negative stress.
The Third and Fourth sessions were jointly taken up by Dr.J.N. Baliya and Dr. Aman Bhardwaj on ‘Action Research in Teaching’. They emphasized on using action research to solve the problems that may occur while teaching in the classroom. The faculty members were segregated into eight groups with eight members in each group.
Then they were asked to think of a problem that they encounter in the institutions and come up with the causes of the problem and the strategies to resolve those problems through evidences. Each and every faculty member participated in the activity with great enthusiasm and zeal. Dr. Sandeep Malik, Dean, YCET presented formal vote of thanks.