Crystals in Vastu Shastra

Dr Aarushi Sadhotra Manhas

Crystals are such magical creation of nature, which attracts each and every one of us, possibly because of its sheen, formation, colours, or intrinsic designs and patterns. There would hardly be a person who would not be in awe of crystals. In veracity, it is not the beauty of the crystal which attracts our eyes but it is our bodily need of energies,which drives our liking for a particular crystal.
Nature is beyond our imagination and it always astonishes human with the way it operates and bestows us with so many things. Crystals are one of such miraculous creations.And if used ably, can transform our lives. Having said this, doesn’t imply that one should stop working and just start using crystals. There is no substitute for hard work. However, like balanced 5 elements bring positivity in our lives, Crystals also bring peace, harmony and positivity in life by healing the specific zone of body or house. Not only human, crystals work equally well for animals, as animals are much more sensitive and receptive to the universal vibrations. Let’s see how, and unveil a new experience of one more beneficial product of mother nature.
Crystals are solid symmetrical structures with regsularly ordered atoms and molecules, packed in repeating patterns. It is the shape and atomic structure of a crystal that defines it. The defects within a crystal also define its healing properties and are not to be seen as irregularities. The healing properties of each crystal can be associated with the way in which it was formed. Crystals take millions of years to form and are formed in liquid such as magma or water as well as gas that is pushed up from the earth. As the liquid evaporates, the minerals within that liquid bond. The harder crystals are formed within higher temperatures and the geopathic stress that is present, as a crystal is formed,impacts its healing properties.
Crystals generate energy through the process known as the Piezoelectric effect. This effect occurs when pressure is applied to the crystal which then generates energy. We all consist of electromagnetic energy and we all vibrate at a specific frequency. When we hold a crystal, our frequency interacts with the vibrations released by the crystal, creating a similar type of Piezoelectric effect. The crystal further vibrates and the energy it creates is transmitted to our own internal energy pathways, which heals us emotionally, physically, mentally, making our life balanced, peaceful and happy.
How to use crystals: crystals once bought should be cleansed by using one of the various available methods. Keeping in sunlight or in full moon light being the easiest method. Once cleansed, they should be charged either through reiki energies or by keeping them close to crystals like clear quartz and amethyst which have the properties to generate energies. A charged crystal is then programmed in alignment to our intentions and is then ready to use. One may keep the crystal in his pocket or in the cupboard or room or study table or office desk, depending upon the intention one wants to manifest in the future. There are various symbols, layout sand crystal grids that we follow at vaastublessings to enhance the vibrations of crystals and direct them in the right direction. Reiki performed with crystals has magnified energy, which can heal a person with various emotional and physical instabilities. Crystals are also used to balance the 5 elements of nature in the house and has a great significance in Vastu Shastra.
Crystal properties and their use:
Amethyst having properties to manage stress and tight schedules can be placed in the West direction to motivate children and bring in opportunities.
Citrine is to be used in Southeast direction to enhance wealth or heal the financial troubles in life. Citrine also has the ability to provide clarity of mind, improve communication and organisational skills.
Tiger Eye brings wellbeing and delight, support and protection to the family members, if placed in the East of house.Jade crystals can also be used in East direction to bring in prosperity and growth.
Rose Quartz fosters healthy relationship and invokes love and affection in couples and is recommended to be displayed in bedrooms in Southwest.
Clear Quartz can be used in the North direction for improved career options and aid intuitions to take right career decisions. Carnelian crystals are used for improving knowledge. Nine crystals in a bowl in the North East portion of home can improve memory power of the children.
There are various other crystals which can be used depending upon the need of a human. We at have been using these crystals along with reiki to heal clients overcome various problems and recommend the use of crystal to cure various vastu flaws. It is said that “You don’t choose crystals, crystal chooses you” and if you feel drawn towards a particular crystal, go ahead to introduce it in your life and feel the difference it brings, for good of course.