Crusaders of cleanliness

They remain undaunted and never fizzle out even in odd and challenging circumstances in their duties to keep the city , its roads and areas etc clean. They even visit us, door to door, collecting household waste braving the ongoing Corona virus threat. They handle brooms, spades, hand pulled carts etc and even go deep in drains to clear blockages . Currently, they also play their role in fighting the COVID-19 virus by spraying disinfectants on roads, buildings, our doors and walls to make us safe. Their duty hours start from wee hours in the morning till noon .They are the real crusaders of cleanliness and we owe our gratitude to them.
These employees of Jammu Municipal Corporation and other safai karamcharis need protective gears to insulate themselves from any threat of infection and it is heartening to note that 2500 of such employees have been insured and provided with necessary safety gears as well. The need is to extend to all such karamcharis these facilities including hand gloves, masks etc and also look into the problems of their alleged exploitation by some unscrupulous supervisors who claim some percentage from out of their meagre salaries. Minimum wages applicable under relevant labour laws too need to be implemented in letter and in spirit in their favour.