Crop residue burning

Crop residue burning has created a lot of disturbances in the atmosphere.It is one of the causes of air pollution.All the living organisms, from soil up to the human level have been disturbed by this threat. After harvesting of crop, farmers  burn the crop remains for  cultivation of the next crop. But this crop residue burning has ill effects on the environment. Due to the heating effects, soil organisms get killed. Further, it releases harmful gases in the atmosphere which increases the air temperature. Soil temperature gets also increased. Due to the fast moving winds, fires are also common. All these practices which cause harm to the environment should be minimized. In every step of production, sustainability should be the first consideration.The success can be achieved by proper analysis of the harmful changes in the environment. Regarding the crop residue burning, the farmers can prepare fortified compost from the crop residues instead of burning.We should think that how much loss we have caused to the environment and ultimately to our health and the health of other organisms. It is also right that if we positively cooperate with nature, the nature will definitely cooperate with us.
Yours etc….
Preeti Sharma
Division of Agronomy