Criminally ‘blackening the white’

Could be a tip of an iceberg , siphoning from public distribution to black marketing , as many as 200 bags of Government rice being carried by a truck was seized by the police and two persons are reported to be arrested in South Kashmir’s Kulgam district. It is not that these two arrested men are the only criminals but there must be many a black sheep within the system to be in connivance with the black mark-teeing mafia which must be found out and the extent of such criminal ‘diversions’ from public distribution to the private vendors ascertained.
It may be recalled that a few months ago , a massive scam of ‘missing ration trucks’ and wrongful payments of transportation of food stuffs was reported by ‘Excelsior’ with an involvement of some officials of the Department of Food and Civil supplies , JKSRTC, FCI etc and reply to the audit report of the Accountant General was not submitted with rectifications despite lot many reminders. The modus operandi in the instant case, is changing the packing of rice to some 777- Pure Ratna Rice brand in connivance with some CAPD employees. It may be noted that the watch and vigil system is not very alert in containing such crime but specific information, could be due to some problems within the group , leading to this seizure. The problem needs to be investigated beyond this seizure to unearth the entire shoddy praxis and catch the fatty fish in the police net.