Human race will overcome

Ashwani Kumar Chrungoo
“I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” that is what Albert Einstein, the father of the Theory of Relativity, had to say about the future wars to be fought after the Second World War. He meant that the humans will be converting the possible Third World War into a highly technological war in which virtually everything that exists will be destroyed. The spread of Covid19 as an pandemic is a classic example based upon his statement.
The world that boasted of superiority in all fields of human and non-human activity has come on its knees before the ChinaWuhanVirus nicknamed as Covid19. It is strange that the pages of a book published years ago describing the virus as CoronaVirus and suggesting that it would engulf the human race in 2020 was widely circulated in media and social media recently. There is one more aspect to it that compels the thinking mind to make research on the subject as to how the Hollywood movie “Contagion”, produced nine years ago, screened the story of the pandemic CoronaVirus exactly in the same way that is being witnessed currently in the world. The most astonishing thing in the film is that China has been shown as the producer of the Virus while an American who travels from China to America via Hongkong is the unfortunate carrier of the virus to the US.
The strong China connection with the Virus unleashed in its Wuhan city and its spread all over the world reminds one ofRobert Oppenheimer, the father of atom bomb who said after the nuclear bombing of Japan, “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”. Indeed China becomes the villain of human race in the current context which many suggest should be reprimanded and castigated as the new “Epicentre of Global Virus Terrorism”. The way China, in context of the Covid19, stage-managed things at domestic and overseas level, manipulated the World Health Organisation processes, vetoed against any discussion over Covid19 in the UN and appealed to India not to nickname the virus as China-Virus speak volumes about its intent, involvement and ingress in the whole affair that has caused existential questions before the humanity as a whole.
The dragon, howsoever powerful may it be, can’t escape the wrath of the world in the long run. Though the world is struggling to safety at this particular point of time yet the leading voices have already started giving vocabulary to the screams of the wailing humanity. Things are not so easy for China since it has the largest spread of it’s people in every nook and corner of the world and all Chinese are not the spies of China. These migrated populations have created their own world in various parts of the globe and thus any racial or ethnic connection with the dragon will obviously jeopardise their life and the future of their generations.
China should be conscious of this fact, yet it needs to come clean on the issue as to how the Virus unleashed in Wuhan Institute of Virology reached Europe, US and distant lands and did not touch even the peripheries of Beijing and Shangai. How Cuba, North Korea and parts of the vast territory of China are safely placed and what actually happened to the team of doctors and scientists who suggested to the government in China in November 2019 that an epidemic is round the corner. There are many theories, questions and queries which need replies, not only for the safety and security of the human race but also for the well being and future of the generations to come.
China is allegedly responsible for hiding the facts of the pandemic when it was in the early stages of endemic. The first case was announced by China on 31st December 2019 while it allowed millions of travellers to visit Wuhan and other parts of China to and fro the world right from November 2019. Europe was the first hit with Italy as its centre, while in Asia South Korea and Iran were the worst hit. Now US, as in the other cases of prosperity and superiority, tops the world as the most infected and affected population.
India registered its first confirmed case on 31st January 2020, exactly one month after the China’s declaration. It is now two months that the epidemic in India has surfaced to an extent that the government had to go for an unprecedented and bold decision of national lockdown for three weeks. The will, strength and capability exhibited by India over the last one month in particular in context of its fight against the deadly virus is not only encouraging but also path breaking.
There is one more dimension of the whole issue which needs further study, research and development in future course of time. The people in the South Asia region in and around India seem to be genetically strong and capable to withstand the onslaught of the deadly virus. It is statistically proved that India has around 1,000 confirmed cases over the last two months among whom around 10 percent have already recovered and stand discharged. Next, the 40 percent plus growth in the epidemic in India in the early stage has come down to 5 percent only from the onset of the lockdown.
The people need to understand the logic of lockdown and it does not need to be linked to the economics of the country. The money spent in this difficult time has also to remain in the country for all practical purposes, there is a change only in the cycle of money. Moreover, the lockdown is going to prove as a blessing in disguise for the society, environment, health sector, emotional integration and the test in terms of management of crisis or disaster .
India has, by its bold decisions under the stewardship of its PM Narendra Modi, declared its preferences. In order to go with its cherished civilisational values, the people of India and the State of India both have recognised humanity over economic prosperity as its national and universal mission. In order to save humanity, human race and the thousands of years old human values, India has put itself in the leading role for the rest of the world to imitate. The fact of the matter is that India as a society, as a responsible nation and as a strong 16 percent bloc of the world population has to pass the crucial tests of time and history. The complete and successful lockdown as announced by the PM up to the middle of the month of April 2020 will create new horizons for India to lead the world to safe and prosperous destinations.
The wave of patriotism and contribution to the solutions, service and management of crisis suggest that money will come and is coming to the government, from big businessmen, industrialists, corporate world, salaried and pension holders, commoners and even from the most downtrodden people who have been benefitted by the announcement of the Financial Package. The nationalist NGOs have come forward with huge help. The temple boards, religious, social, cultural, political and other philanthropic organisations have come forward in a huge way. We are making a new history to overcome what was never thought of. We can do it, we will do it, together and with resolve. We will overcome, so will the whole humanity, one day.